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      Name                                                   Last modified      Size  Description
.ftpquota 15-Apr-2017 05:21 14 BLANKTXT.PIX 06-Mar-2013 14:55 9.9K Blank pixelmap, for in game text translation 04-Jan-2015 21:50 1.4K No demo time limit in Carmageddon 1 demo C1_Doom_digits_hires_test.7z 14-Jul-2013 16:52 957 Doom digits for C1/SP hires mode (only one font, so don't expect too much) C1_Max_UKz_Downgrade.rar 21-Aug-2015 04:21 1.6M Turn Max Pack/UK Zombie/High Octane version into ancient DOS one, all text files are in original text form (also older) CarmaFNTtool.7z 09-Mar-2016 01:14 112K Edit BRender Carmageddon FoNT files (FNT bit fonts only) (Working WIP - latest version) CarmaFNTtool_WIP_Beta4d.7z 13-Dec-2013 15:06 198 Look / Download CarmaFNTtool.7z instead 22-May-2015 02:18 54K Carmageddon Key Binder for C1/SP full/demo/mod and C2 full/mod, it allow to set more functions and use more keys (beta test) 03-Feb-2013 02:21 17K Swap boring mode to full mode and vice-versa, allow to play robots without limits, for C1 & SP> 07-Jun-2013 03:51 78K Purple paltette Carmagedit for Mac. Like purple patch for PC: No more unexpected holes! English_Template.7z 16-Oct-2015 17:45 5.4K English template for menu translation (require UCP in French/Italian or Polish installed) MC1SE_HD_EXPANSION.7z 24-Apr-2014 02:17 2.9K Mastro's C1 Special Edition HD supplement (need 'CARM95 in higher resolutions' patch from Road Reaction; beta test) MC1SE_Patch3_(only_for_7zipped_ver_31_12_2013).7z 25-Aug-2015 03:46 236 Look / Download MC1SE_Patch_3.7z instead MC1SE_Patch3_(only_for_7zipped_ver_31_12_2013)_prev.7z 22-Mar-2015 02:15 1.1M MC1SE_Patch_(only_for_ver_29_08_2013).7z 10-Sep-2013 14:07 463K Mastro's C1 Special Edition Patch for version 29.08.2013 MC1SE_Patch_3.7z 26-Sep-2016 17:22 3.0M Mastro's C1 Special Edition Patch (& zombie installer) for versions and> 31-Jul-2013 18:25 93K Max Pack Carmageddon only, supplement for Unofficial Carmageddon Patch, allow to directly run version we want Maxine_12_Cars_Pak.7z 10-Feb-2014 01:58 1.3M MeldHiResPatch.7z 07-Nov-2016 00:01 382 Look / Download hires_patch_and_fix.7z instead 08-Jan-2016 02:30 2.0M Update, valid only for Meld Pack from Road Reaction (Working WIP) 30-Nov-2014 03:37 22K Currently obsolete update to Meld Pack Patch (just skip this file) 23-Dec-2014 13:01 1.5M Purple_Palette_Patch_for_All_Carmageddon_Needs.7z 16-Sep-2016 14:33 54K For all PIX/FLI tools and C1/SP. Turns transparent color to purple, fix black. No more unexpected holes! SetupMSE.7z 07-Dec-2014 01:00 32K Mastro C1 Special Edition Setup-Launcher very early beta - use only with MSE with my latest patch! Used patch data by Hifi Splat_Pack_Christmas_Demo_Car_Selector.7z 29-Jan-2013 02:54 743 SP Christmas Demo Car Selector, made to ilustrate that Sled is playable in DOS demo Splat_Pack_fix.7z 25-Jan-2013 22:38 36K Fix SP Buggit & Sled crash & CD audio lockup, made in 2003, released 2013> 16-Oct-2015 17:48 6.8M Fix C1 resources, add some missing content, set version/language/keyboard layout/more... (Working WIP) 18-Aug-2013 12:18 6.5M 05-May-2015 02:39 6.7M UCP previous version alex/ 14-May-2016 18:46 - android/ 24-Sep-2015 10:50 - atari/ 16-Oct-2016 15:42 - c1demoit.7z 17-Feb-2015 12:11 25M Carmageddon Demo from PC Gamer IT CD 21 (with 18 rating intro) c2/ 19-Mar-2016 21:55 - carrdemo.7z 11-Feb-2013 19:15 29M Early Carmageddon Demo, CD version - with part of early intro carrvid.rar 16-Feb-2013 23:51 25M Carmageddon Rolling Demo - early promo video cars/ 21-Apr-2014 04:16 - carskins/ 13-Aug-2014 16:32 - examples/ 19-May-2014 23:32 - high_octane/ 10-Jan-2015 00:06 - hires_patch_and_fix.7z 06-Nov-2016 23:49 4.9K Hires patch for C1 Max Pack and SP Win 95 execs (can unpatch Meld, Mastro's C1 SE and 95RPP), based on tool by Hifi html-fonts-test/ 23-Jan-2013 01:39 - lego/ 27-Oct-2016 05:59 - nascar/ 12-Aug-2016 11:52 - NASCAR Racing peds/ 13-Aug-2014 16:33 - photos/ 26-Jan-2016 20:19 - pix_info/ 21-Sep-2016 05:40 - ps2/ 01-Apr-2017 01:07 - quarantine/ 09-Mar-2016 02:21 - rollcage2/ 21-Aug-2015 23:35 - screens/ 23-Nov-2016 01:03 - 09-Feb-2013 10:52 25M Splat Pack Zombie Demo temp/ 09-Jan-2017 00:52 - tests/ 12-Aug-2016 14:12 - 04-Jan-2016 23:42 1.8M Unofficial Max Pack 95 Restoration Project Pack for GOG and STEAM Carmageddon Max Pack releases 22-May-2015 02:19 1.8M